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Tanzania: Week 1

Hello everyone and greetings from The Watering Hole in Moshi, Tanzania! The last 6 days have been pretty crazy but I’m happy to report that I’ve arrived safely at the Watering Hole. As expected, the journey getting here was long and tiring but well worth the trouble. While traveling I had the privilege of stopping through Morogoro for a few short days to visit with some close friends and assist in some of their work. My time in Morogoro was brief but pleasant with people I’ve come to know well!

As I sit here on the front porch of my cabin, looking at the summit of Kibo Peak on Mount Kilimanjaro, I feel nothing short of absolute awe. I arrived yesterday afternoon and got a tour of The Watering Hole from Fredi and Peter, who showed me the cabins, restaurant and bar, and the Kivuli Workshop, where antique Land Rovers are being repaired daily by our workers! After getting the full tour of the campus we made our way next door to the Mama Clementina Foundation, where I met the hotel staff and made dinner plans! This morning I had (delicious) breakfast prepared by Zatu Apa, our chef and hospitality coordinator. Shortly after breakfast, Fredi, Peter, Zatu Apa and I worked on sorting through the items I brought from the States, which included mostly Land Rover parts, hand tools, and some clothes for our workers among other things! It’s been a really great morning so far, later today we plan on heading into town to pick up some essentials. Having met the welcoming staff I already feel at home here, and I’m excited to begin work!

Mgeni njoo mwenyeji apone.

Literally translated, “Let the guest come so that the host may benefit.” This means that having a guest is a blessing, in Tanzanian culture when a guest comes, they usually bring a gift or a blessing of some kind. In my case I brought a bag full of supplies that help out at The Watering Hole. However, in a more metaphorical sense I also bring the hope of new clients to take Safari tours and expeditions on Kilimanjaro.


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  1. Dear Harrison, I saw much of the World in military service trying to do what you seem to be doing . Taking best practices as tried on many populations in health care to all I could. I served 32 years in military , have been on every continent. My aeromedical troops saved many lives in wars and / US serving the world . Jack Huss had a clean Jersey thanks to my offensive line. Study how almost all advanced country’s save lives Better than us!
    Fred Brown , LR class of 1969, Colonel ( ret)

    1. Dear Mr. Brown, thank you for your service to our country and congratulations for your many contributions to Lenoir-Rhyne Athletics. I’m also an athlete on the Track and Cross Country teams at LR. Having traveled to Tanzania many times, I try to implement cultural norms and best practices into the work I do daily. At TruetoTanzania our goal is to provide an authentic experience to all who choose to safari or climb Mount Kilimanjaro with us! It is my opinion that the medical field in Tanzania is on a good track and with increased global support and resources, more lives can be saved. Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (KCMC) is a regional hospital and University, where orthopedic surgeons from Wake Forest Atrium Health recently came to visit and train alongside doctors in Tanzania. Training and bilateral learning opportunities like this are an important part of medical advancements both at home and abroad. Thank you for following along!

  2. Your blog is very interesting, informative and well done! Prayers for continued blessings as you embark on this mission!

  3. Hi, Harrison! What an awesome experience! I am eager to continue reading about your adventures through your blog. Have a great time!

    1. Thank you so much! I will keep the blog updated as I go, expect a post or two by the end of this week. Thanks for following along!

  4. Harrison – I am excited to read about your work in Tanzania! Thank you for sending this blog for us so that we at Augsburg can keep up with what you are doing!

  5. Dear Harrison, This is so interesting! I wish you the best – be safe and have fun. I love your rooming accommodations.
    Good luck! Susan

  6. Harrison, I know you’ll enjoy your time there just as you have before. Cherish the smiles and the laughter and the friendships! It will fly by!

  7. Hi Harrison 🙂 I am so excited for your new “adventure”!!!! Prayers and blessings your way and thanks so much for sharing your journey… I look forward to seeing it all 🙂
    Much love and God’s blessings to you and all that you have to opportunity to meet!

    1. Hey Robin, thank you so much for the well wishes and prayers! I’m glad I’m able to share this with you all. Greetings to everyone back home!

    2. Hi Robin, thank you for the sweet message! I’m loving it over here and can’t wait to share all my memories with everyone back home!

  8. Have a wonderful summer at The Watering Hole My wife Leslie and I have stayed with our friends at the Watering Hole 10 times over the last 11 years and they are wonderful in every aspect. They will help you experience Tanzania in a wonderfully unique way!

    1. Hi Gus, thank you for checking out my blog! I agree, The Watering Hole is truly a special place. Its amazing the type of connection a place like The Watering Hole and Tanzania can have, this is my fourth trip to Tanzania and I’ve cherished all of my memories, but The Watering Hole will always have a special place in my heart. I hope to see you here in the future!

  9. Harrison blessings to you and continue in your efforts to make a difference. I still remember you telling me , i’am coming back. Wish I could be there too.!

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