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Life at The Watering Hole

Hello everyone and welcome to Moshi, Tanzania at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, the worlds tallest free standing mountain and “The roof of Africa!” This week my new friends at The Watering Hole and I have been busy working and getting to know each other. I’ve been working hard on updating our website and renovating our social media pages, which I admit I’m a little out of my depth but I’m learning as I go.

My work by day is a lot more intensive and a lot more fun! Our project this week has been doing a quality check of our tents and camping supplies, which are used for day and night safari tours in national parks such as Tarangire, Mikumi, Manyara, Serengeti, and Ngorongoro Crater, to name a few; as well as on Mount Kilimanjaro. This has proved to be a tall task, each day we set up a tent and completely prepare it so that it is fit for guests to stay in. After that, comes my job, which is taking photos and videos of our accommodations for use on the website, so our guests know the type of service they can expect. Having seen how we prepare for our guests I can say with 100% honesty that TruetoTanzania provides top-of-the-line, luxury accommodations for both safari-ing and climbing Kilimanjaro. Our Kilimanjaro tents house two people to a tent, with a living room and tea table in between, while our safari tents are a lot more diverse depending on the the amount of people and the length of days inside the national park. I’ll attach some pictures below, let me know what you guys think!

I’ve also been walking around a bit, getting familiar with the area. The Watering Hole is located in a small town called Soweto, just outside of the bustling city. It’s quiet, with a few local vendors and bars, and the clothing market of Mailimoja, but outside of that, is the busy city of Moshi. Having walked around and visited the market of Mbuyuni, and even the nearby neighborhood of Shantytown (not what you think, it’s actually the wealthiest part of Moshi!) I feel like I’m beginning to recognize landmarks and get a feel for the area. I really enjoy being here, Moshi has a different vibe than Morogoro, where I’ve spent almost all my time in Tanzania. It is a tourist town, but still has the classic, Tanzanian authenticity that I love so much! Speaking of authenticity here’s some food and mountain pics for your enjoyment!

Methali of the Week

Mwenye nguvu ndiye ashikaye panga kwa mpini badala kwa makali

“Powerful is he who holds the sword by the grip rather than the blade.”

This is sort of an honorary parable, its more of a saying, but I liked it so much I turned it into a sort of parable. In simpler terms, this quote means don’t take risks which have no chance of providing any benefit. I found this true this week when I was editing content for the blog and the website and I wanted to include some details that had the chance to provide some cultural insight but I decided it would be better to leave it out for fear that others might not appreciate the candor. I thought of this saying and it caused me to pause and reconsider, which was the correct choice. 

I’ve attached a video below explaining in greater depth some of the day-to-day life and stories here at The Watering Hole, I hope you enjoy it! I’m also going to update this blog into more of a daily/ every-other-day catch up rather than a weekly review so look stay tuned for shorter but more frequent posts!!

Asante sana!


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  1. Good job Harrison! Loved reading your blog and seeing the pictures of the tents. It is amazing how comfortable and inviting the tents are. A nice place to unwind and relax after a full day of climbing or exploring the National Safari parks.

  2. The accommodations look amazing! Love the look of the comfortable tents. What an awesome opportunity to explore a beautiful part of the world! Thanks for the video and photos so we can understand more about the area.

  3. Hi Harrison 🙂 Such a great video and love the blog!!!! Just so proud of you and can’t wait to hear about all your “adventures”!
    Much love and prayers,

  4. Hello Harrison. It’s great to follow you on your journey. You are making lasting memories. Interesting that there are not any barber shops in Tanzania. I will gladly ship you some scissors if you think you need them. Enjoy and keep up the good work.

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