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Dar es Salaam, Maasai Wedding and more!

What A Crazy Last 10 Days!

Hello everyone! I apologize for the tardiness in getting this post out but I’ve been traveling this past week as well as attending many events which haven’t granted me much time to blog, so this will be quite in-depth, but I think really interesting, I have a lot of stories to tell including a wedding, some funerals, and a safari to Dar es Salaam. so without further ado…..

Trip to Dar es Salaam

This is a long story so I might as well start from the beginning. At our home base here at The Watering Hole, we have a garage called, Kivuli Worskhop which is where we train our employees in the many disciplines involved in building an automobile, such as old Land Rovers. We buy old, antique, no-longer-in-use Land Rovers and our workers here fix them up and use them for safari vehicles and some even go to The States. Well, this week our team has been preparing for three of our Land Rovers to head to The States. On Saturday night around 9 o’clock I was informed by my colleague Peter that me and our team (Fredi, Peter, Gaspar, Amani, and Dula) are set to head to Dar es Salaam that evening around 11. It took a lot longer than that though because there wasn’t a ramp to load the cars onto the flatbed truck, so we had to find a convenient spot that was flat to load the cars onto the truck which took a lot of time. After loading all three Land Rovers onto the flatbed, we were set to depart by around 5 am the next morning.  The drive took about 13 hours, including many disruptions including being stopped 5 times by police and even getting a flat tire on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam. 

After a long day of travel we finally arrived at the hotel around 9pm that night, after having a late dinner. The next day, we woke up and had breakfast in the hotel before heading to retrieve the Land Rovers from their overnight shelter. We were on the phone with the port operators all day trying to get the Land Rovers into the port, which took all day. To pass the time, our friend Gaspar showed us his family’s brewery in Dar es Salaam at the place where the Land Rovers were parked. At his brewery, a very potent type of Gin is brewed call King, as well as another chocolate Vodka called Kigogo. We didn’t try any but the brewery was fascinating, especially because most of the workers were either Maasai or women, or both! After many hours of waiting, we were finally allowed to bring the Land Rovers to the port, in the heart of Dar es Saalam. The port was 27km away (16.8m) and due to Dar traffic, the ride took us about 2.5 hours so we got to the port around 9 o’clock at night. After another hour the Land Rovers were allowed inside after which our whole team celebrated because we were so exhausted and relieved! The evening we ate meat and celebrated our success, and then quickly went to bed as we were all exhausted. The entire trip in Dar es Salaam I had been battling a stomach flu so the next morning I just relaxed in the hotel and recovered while some of our team were out attending to their own affairs. For lunch I went to a bar and restaurant where chipsi mayai and mishkaki were being sold. After finishing up and heading back, I was picked up and we were preparing to leave Dar around 4 that afternoon. We ran late and got on the road by 8:30 (running late is standard for Tanzania 🤪.) Gaspar and I made a makeshift bed in the back of the van, which was very comfortable for the long journey back home. The following morning we arrived back in Moshi where we had tea before going about our business for the day, and that is the end of our Dar es Salaam journey!

Seeing Friends From Morogoro

On the same day we got back from Dar es Salaam, I got word that some of my friends from Morogoro were in town and very close to The Watering Hole. I went to the nearby village of Shanty Town where my friends, Michael, Zakayo and Herbert were helping another German missionary move out of his house. We hung out and worked together for the day and enjoyed ourselves. I ate lunch and dinner with them and even enjoyed some games as well! (Left to right: Jonas, Martin, Zakayo, Harrison, Herbert, Michael)

Double Wedding Day

On Sunday I had the pleasure of attending two weddings, one Catholic and one Lutheran. The grooms are closely tied to Mama Kamm and therefore the Mama Clementina Foundation hosted the reception. The first wedding was done at a Catholic church and the second at a Lutheran church. One of the grooms is from the Hehe tribe and the other is Maasai, which meant that the celebrations at the reception were very colorful and fun! The pictures below don’t do it justice, but I think they give a good idea of the lively atmosphere of Tanzanian weddings. I learned a lot and it was really cool to see all of the interesting culture and celebrations in full display. 

Methali of The Week

Kupotea njia ndiyo kujua njia 

“To get lost is to learn the way”

I feel like this is particularly relevant for this week since we were in Dar es Salaam and we were often delayed in some way or another. Whether it was traffic, officials, workers, or just something unexpected, our plans were often changed or modified. Even so, after many trials we finally got the Land Rovers into the port, which was definitely the accomplishment of the week! 

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