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Penultimate Blog post

Moshi Update and Adventures in Machame Moshi has been really cool (as always) and I’ve been enjoying my time here, I’ve gotten to see many of the local spots such as the YMCA, various caf├ęs, craft stores, street food vendors, hospitals, and even local stores. Moshi is really feeling like home now, which is pretty confusing since I’ll be on a flight on my way back to The States by…

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Moshi Update

Updates at The Watering Hole These past few weeks in Moshi have been really cool, exploring, building, and working on growing TruetoTanzania at The Watering Hole. In the day I work on whatever projects are taking place here, while also working on some social media projects and the website, like usual. Tomorrow, Fredi, me and three visiting teachers at the Mama Clementina Foundation are headed to Tarangire National Park in…

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Dar es Salaam, Maasai Wedding and more!

What A Crazy Last 10 Days! Hello everyone! I apologize for the tardiness in getting this post out but I’ve been traveling this past week as well as attending many events which haven’t granted me much time to blog, so this will be quite in-depth, but I think really interesting, I have a lot of stories to tell including a wedding, some funerals, and a safari to Dar es Salaam.…

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A busy week in Moshi

Karibu! This week at The Watering Hole… Hello everyone and thanks for following along! I love and appreciate all the support from back home, and I’m glad you guys have been keeping updated on my adventures in Tanzania. This has been a busy week, full of many small projects and preparations. I’ve now had about two full weeks here at The Watering Hole and I feel like I’m really settling…

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Life at The Watering Hole

Hello everyone and welcome to Moshi, Tanzania at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, the worlds tallest free standing mountain and “The roof of Africa!” This week my new friends at The Watering Hole and I have been busy working and getting to know each other. I’ve been working hard on updating our website and renovating our social media pages, which I admit I’m a little out of my depth but…

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Tanzania: Week 1

Hello everyone and greetings from The Watering Hole in Moshi, Tanzania! The last 6 days have been pretty crazy but I’m happy to report that I’ve arrived safely at the Watering Hole. As expected, the journey getting here was long and tiring but well worth the trouble. While traveling I had the privilege of stopping through Morogoro for a few short days to visit with some close friends and assist…

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Weekly Update: Getting ready!

Hello everyone and thank you for following along! This is the first post and I’m excited to share what’s been going on even though this might be a bit lengthy. This week I’ve been busy gathering the necessary supplies for my expedition to Tanzania (I’ll be leaving the 30th!) and thought I would share some tips and tricks. When I think about getting ready for trips like this, I find…

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Welcome to the Blog

Hello! This blog will be updated regularly and will show all the cool things happening at The Watering Hole this summer. Our intern Harrison is over in Moshi this summer to help with operations and marketing and will be running this blog as a fun hobby as well! Check out all thats happening! #Ourpathyourjourney