Meet Our Team At The Watering Hole

Fredi Mollel

Meet Fredi! One of our leaders at The Watering Hole as he has been here for 20+ years! Trained initially as a carpenter, Fredi is a jack of all trades when it comes to The Watering Hole and he loves working here. He began working at TruetoTanzania years ago when he was in between jobs and happened to get a lift from Shoshi, who was impressed with his skills and knowledge. A short time later, he started working for Shoshi and has been with him ever since. Fredi is a soccer super-fan and all around fun guy. He has accompanied us on countless climbs on Kilimanjaro, and has many fond memories on the mountain. To keep active he plays in an adult soccer league on the weekends. 

Fun Fact: Fredi is an avid coffee drinker!

Peter Tarimo

Peter is relatively new at the Watering Hole, but he has many responsibilities and is a hard worker with a kind heart. He came to know Shoshi through his sister and began work here shortly after. Peter works in our accounting office as well as managing operations at The Watering Hole. He was born in the bustling city of Dar Es Salaam but moved to Moshi when he started Secondary School. Peter loves the genuine kind staff and the peaceful work environment at TWH.

Fun Fact: Peter’s favorite food is Ndizi nyama (bananas with meat sauce)

Bashiri Kweka (Mzee Kweka)

Mzee Kweka has been with us for nigh on six years, he is one of our night watchmen and thus has a big responsibility at The Watering Hole. Mzee Kweka is a family man with 10 siblings and four children of his own. He enjoys working at The Watering Hole as a watchman because it is “peaceful work” and he enjoys the the company of Adriano and our other workers. Mzee Kweka loves telling stories and talking about day-to-day life and discussing politics and world affairs. 

Fun Fact: Mzee Kweka is our only Muslim staff member

Zatuapa Sawe

Zatuapa is our chef and housekeeper at The Watering Hole. She has many responsibilities such as tidying up the cabins, washing our guests’ clothes and preparing all meals. She was born and raised in a small town on the outskirts of Kilimanjaro and went to school at the Mama Clementina Foundation, before going on to work both there, and then TruetoTanzania. She is always busy, but you can normally find her at the bar and restaurant, preparing delicious food for the staff and guests. Zatuapa has a daughter and a son here in Moshi and loves the fellowship of the staff and putting her talents to use in a fruitful way!

Fun Fact: According to our intern she is the worlds greatest chef!

Adriano Severine

Adriano is a veteran of 18 years at TruetoTanzania and is one of our guards at The Watering Hole. Adriano loves his work and takes the responsibility of protecting others very seriously. A family man, Adriano has a wife and four kids, and lives just outside of Moshi town. Some of Adriano’s fondest memories are the post-hunting-expedition celebrations that happen at The Watering Hole. His favorite part of working here is the loyalty of the staff and the trust that they have in each other.

Fun Fact: Adriano served briefly in the Tanzanian military

Eliame Shuma (Mzee Shuma)

Shuma is our daytime guard at The Watering Hole and nighttime guard at The Roundhouse, as well as on-site assistant for projects big and small. He is a veteran worker at The Watering Hole, only second to Fredi in years worked. Shuma can be found hanging out and helping with all tasks. He is strong as an ox and has a great sense of humor. He loves helping out and joking with the guys. Shuma is a father to six, three daughters and three sons, who live nearby in Kilimanjaro region. He met Shoshi years ago while working climbs on Kilimanjaro, which he has ascended many times. Shuma loves to drink coffee because it keeps him alert and warm on cold nighttime shifts.

Fun Fact: Shuma loves talking about his grandchildren.

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