Climbing Africa's Tallest Mountain

Mount Kilimanjaro's Rich History

Present day Kilimanjaro was formed millions of years ago by volcanic eruptions which formed the three cones which are visible today. The tallest of these peaks is Kibo, standing at just under 6000 m above sea level with Mawenzi and Shira Plateau below. Kilimanjaro was first discovered by Europeans in 1848 by German missionaries but its existence was refuted for years after as it was perceived nonsensical that there were snow capped mountains so close to the equator. In 1889 Kilimanjaro was conquered by Hans Meyer and Ludwig Purtscheller, with the assistance of a local from Marangu named Yohani Lauwo. Since then, Kilimanjaro has become a staple of the region and is an important part of the Tanzanian tourism industry.

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Preparing to Climb

Before climbing Kilimanjaro we recommend you arrive at least 3 days prior. You will stay at our beautiful cabins at The Watering Hole where we do pre-climb procedures and equipment check.

Accommodations on The Mountain

At TruetoTanzania we want to ensure you have a safe and pleasant experience on Kilimanjaro. Whether you’re going to the top or just some of the way up, our staff and equipment will guarantee you an unforgettable experience. The weather patterns on the mountain are shifting constantly. In the morning it can be clear and by noon it could be heavy rain or blizzard- like conditions. Whatever might happen, we are ready for anything! Our tents and top-notch equipment guarantees you a safe and enjoyable experience no matter what! 

The Mess Tent

The mess tent is our cafeteria on the mountain! Breakfast and dinner are eaten here. Lunch is usually eaten on the way. The mess tent is significantly larger than our accommodation tents as all guests will eat here together. It is fully furnished with a long table, chairs for all guests, and all necessary dining tools. It is a comfortable gathering space for all!

The Climbers' Tents

Our  tents are for our climbers to rest and enjoy when we get to camp in the evening. The tents are complete with an outdoor wash station, indoor coffee table and two cots on either side, with privacy curtains. Each tent sleeps two climbers. Our cots come with an additional mattress and offer support and elevation off the ground. Sleeping bags are a must on the mountain due to chilly temperatures on the latter portions of the climb. Some campers prefer to dine or enjoy a hot beverage in the comfort and privacy of their own space. To this end we provide every tent with a  dining room and cutlery for two. Bon appetite!

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Climbing Kilimanjaro With Us

We take the Lemosho route to climb Kilimanjaro. This route takes 8 days, allowing for greater acclimatization as well as offering a variety of Kilimanjaros greatest sights including Shira 1 and 2, Lava Tower and Moir Huts, where we offer a hot shower to all our guests!

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