The Cause

TrueToTanzania is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing bi-lateral benefits to both tourists and Tanzanians. Our tourists experience the beauty of Tanzania by being uniquely immersed in the culture while maintaining a fun experience. Tanzanians are empowered through on-site training at our Kivuli workshop, training in tourism and hospitality management,  funding for university and  children’s education, and a backup emergency fund for our staff. Additionally, our staff are the shareholders of TruetoTanzania and The Watering Hole, so all revenue is reinvested in operations and employee development. Despite being a non-profit, we are not a charity as we do not accept donations. A fundamental belief of  TrueToTanzania is self-empowerment. In light of this we hope to encourage tourism  from all parts of the world, and to share in the growth and development of Tanzania and its people. Come experience Tanzania with us and share in our mission!

About Us

Shoshi (center) was born and raised at the foothills of Kilimanjaro. He fully immersed in the Tanzanian culture, learning, respecting and living among hard-working people. Recognizing the need for continued support for his countrymen, he established this non-profit with his family.
He’s an aerospace engineer by day, and a safari outfitter by heart. A world traveler, he knows a good product. It was a natural fit: training Tanzanians to service the safari industry. No one matches us in well-rounded experience, warmth and respect for the TZ environment.
In TZ, the local outfitter is Sadanga & sons. Proceeds provide education and training to adult Tanzanians who slipped through loopholes. Those who once had no hope, are now employable and maintain happy and healthy lives. In Moshi, we’re known as Kivuli Workshop. “Kivuli” is a Swahili word that symbolically translates to: “they, who provide me shade.”

Camel City

Nicknamed Camel City (after the original tobacco plantations in the area), Winston Salem is our home base in The United States. We are happy to meet and greet you anytime. We bridge your world to Tanzania, home of Africa’s most coveted wildlife. Our home base in Tanzania is in the beautiful and lush city of Moshi, situated just south of the Kenyan border. We aim to provide authentic African safari experiences safe trekking on Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain. We are one of the only safari companies with offices in The States, which is one of the many things that make us special. We take pride in representing Winston-Salem on a global scale in Tanzania